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RX MADERA Nathaniel Hall Wood Art Furniture

Furniture is arguably the most interactive objects that humans have in their homes and lives. We depend on these objects and usually take them for granted that they will fulfill a task or role in our day to day.  We wake up in the morning; in our beds. The bed holds us in a position that facilitates rest to take place. We sit at a table in a chair to eat. The chair holds us at a comfortable level that is conducive to feeding while our trough  contains the food which is resting on the table. That is where our interaction ends. We use the furniture for moments of time and most always to facilitate a different activity.


I do not believe that the furniture which we spend our lives in a relationship with should be so quiet, so flat, so unresponsive, and so boring. Is it unrealistic to think that the furniture we live with can be something more? Why can’t we have objects in our homes that perform a task but also leave you satisfied and excited about the experience of using it. The way it moved and unfolded. The way it felt in your hand. How did it feel beneath you? Did you walk away from that chair thinking about how it made you feel, like you were doing more than just sitting, perched at the table eating. I believe that our lives can be improved by furniture not only physically but also through the way it makes you feel.


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